Please be aware that we are currently unable to take new clients in order to honor the commitments we have made to our current clientele.  Please continue to check back with us as we will open to new clients again as soon as we are able.  Please be sure you have an appointment scheduled with us for your new pet prior to filling out the forms below.

For ALL NEW Clients (people)

Please complete and submit our Welcome Client Online Form prior to your initial appointment

OR print, complete and bring the form with you: Welcome Client Form.

For EACH NEW Patient (pet)

Please complete and submit our New Patient Questionnaire Online Form prior to your pet’s initial appointment

OR print, complete and bring the form with you: New Patient Questionnaire.

Behavioral Questionnaire

Please complete and submit our Behavioral Questionnaire Online Form if you have any concerns about your pet’s fear, anxiety or stress when visiting the veterinary clinic.

Authorization Forms

This form gives us permission to release your pet’s records to certain business or people as well as designates individuals who can make decisions about your pet’s care in your absence.

Please complete and submit this Authorization Form Online Form.

OR print, complete and bring this Authorization Form to Sunrise Pet Clinic.