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Teddy and Dr. Forrer in the wash



I grew up in Oak Lawn, Illinois, near Chicago. Starting in 1982 I attended the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, where I received a Bachelor's degree in 1986, a Master's degree in animal science in 1988, and then a Doctorate in veterinary medicine in 1992.

After graduation I moved to the Southwest to be closer to my parents who had moved to beautiful Arizona several years before me. My first professional veterinary assignment was in Gallup, New Mexico, which included driving a mobile veterinary clinic onto the Navajo Reservation every week for a two-day clinic. My stops included Chinle, Arizona just outside Canyon de Chelley and Kayenta, Arizona, near Monument Valley.  I was veterinarian to cats and dogs as well as horses, sheep, goats and assorted wild animal there. However, advanced small animal medicine was my developing passion.

To follow my heart, I moved to Tucson. In my free time, I enjoy walking my dog Teddy, gardening and bird watching.  My hobbies reflect my love for the beautiful landscape of Arizona and I encourage efforts to protect our natural environment. I am fortunate to have been active in several animal protection movements in Arizona, including the 1998 ban on cockfighting, the 2006 ban on veal and gestation crates for pigs, as well as the recent legislation for racing Greyhounds in Arizona. I have also enjoyed volunteering at vaccine clinics near South Tucson hosted by AWASA (Arizona Welfare Alliance of Southern Arizona)
and most recently, providing acupuncture for a ringtail cat named Velcro at the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum (see photos below). 

In addition to traditional training, I have studied acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine through the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (see acupuncture story from Arizona Daily Star, Aug. 9, 2007). In recent years, I have added advanced nutritional and whole food therapies to my practice. I find combining the fantastic advances of western medicine with the tremendous wealth of Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern alternative modalities is a wonderful way to foster health. This integrative approach is what I have been looking for my whole career. I want to share it with all those interested.

 Velcro getting acupuncture     Velcro getting Laser Therapy

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