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Holistic Treatment of Chronic Disease


Most of the patients who arrive for holistic treatment come to us with chronic conditions. Many clients have been dealing with their pets' problem(s) for months to years and understandably are ready for a solution and resolution of the condition. Clients have been trained to expect symptoms to disappear miraculously when a conventional pharmaceutical drug is given (such as taking an aspirin for a headache or an antihistamine for allergy congestion), and when these have failed; they are looking for an herb, supplement, or acupuncture to remove the symptoms in short order.

Although holistic medicine does use herbs, nutrition, acupuncture and many other modalities to treat disease, OUR AIM IS NOT TO TREAT THE SYMPTOMS PER SE, BUT TO ADDRESS THE TRUE CAUSE OF THE ILLNESS. If the causes can be eliminated, the symptoms will disappear! Unfortunately, it takes months to eliminate chronic infections, toxicities, active scars and allergies, which are some of the most common causes of chronic illness in our patients.

Many patients experience a decrease or even resolution in their symptoms early on in the course of treatment, while others experience an exacerbation, such as a flare up of itchiness, loose stools or nasal discharge. Many clients perceive this as a "side effect" as it would be with conventional drugs. Rather, they are indicators that the treatments and supplements we are using are working as intended; however, the detoxification process may be progressing too rapidly for the patient's comfort. In these cases we may choose to decrease the amount of supplement/herb (thus slowing down the detoxification process) and/or use allergy elimination (see Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Treatment) to alleviate the symptoms.

The holistic approach to disease is quite different than what we are accustomed to thinking of in Western medicine. Generally, the body goes through a series of stages of disease before it reaches the point where a diagnosis is made (such as inflammatory bowel disease). How one particular patient arrived at the IBD diagnosis may be completely different from another patient. For example, one patient may start with an infectious disease (parasite, parvovirus, bacterial infection), which leads to inflammation of the bowel, which leads to absorption of proteins that are too large, which leads to food allergy, etc. Another patient may have acquired heavy metal toxicity in-utero, which leads to a compromised immune system, which leads to a bacterial overgrowth in the bowel, which leads to inflammation in the bowel and eventual food allergy. As we start discovering and treating the food allergy at some point we expect that other issues will arise that need to be dealt with. This is a good thing! If treatment is stopped too early because the patient is doing well one may expect complications to occur at some point in time because the initial imbalance or root cause has not been dealt with.

When it comes to treating chronic disease PATIENCE IS THE KEY! If you make the decision to embark on holistic treatment for your pet with us, please give the therapy a chance to work. Remember that sometimes the body has no choice but to experience some discomfort during the cleansing phase of recovery. Know that these uncomfortable circumstances are occurring because the underlying causes of illness are being eliminated! We will try to minimize these symptoms as much as possible.

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