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Bland Diet

A bland diet should comprise of 1/3 protein to 2/3 bland fiber. You want to feed smaller amounts frequently throughout the recovery period — usually two-three days. After the recovery phase you will want to slowly integrate your dog's regular diet — this transition should take between five-seven additional days. Do not be in a hurry to get your dog back on his regular food, to be impatient could create havoc with your pets digestion and start the problem all over again.

Bland proteins are: meats low in fat (boiled ground chicken, boiled ground turkey, boiled lean ground beef), cottage cheese or plain scrambled eggs (no butter, milk or cheese added).

Bland fiber is: boiled white rice, plain oatmeal, canned pumpkin, boiled sweet potatoes.

Boiling the meats in water helps to remove the fat. NEVER boil the rice in the same water you boiled the meat in — the fat will adhere to the rice.

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